Comshare is a Summer Day Camp for elementary school aged children K - 6, operated by the Burnaby North Community
If you are a student, and would like to volunteer during  Comshare please note that presently, the basic
requirements are minimum age of 14 years, and attending high school.  Students looking to fulfill their Work
Experience as a requirement for Grade 11 and 12 are also considered. You must notify Comshare and your
Career Advisor as soon as possible to have a contract written prior to your start. University students who are
interested in a career in Education, and wanting to volunteer will be considered on a case by case basis.
For more information contact:
Visit us at for updates.
Burnaby North
Community Association
Week 1: Gold Rush  -  Splashdown,  July 4th to 8th
Week 2: Frozen in Time  -  Vancouver Aquarium,  July 11th to 15th
Week 3:  Five Days to Save the World  -  Watermania Wave Pool,  July 18th to 22nd

Week 4:  "Chaos" at the Carnival  -  Playland at the PNE,  July 25th to 29th

Week 5:  Battle of the Camp  -  Blue Mountain Park,  August 2nd to 5th (four days only)

Week 6:  Tricks and Treats  -  Cultus Lake Water Park,  August 8th to 12th

The base rate for all weeks is $150.00 per, except week five which is $125.00. These prices
include a camp T-shirt but do NOT include any potential, before and after camp care.
COMSHARE 2018 Registration - Updated info coming soon!

For general information OR for
registration AFTER in person registration use the contact information

Phone: 604.377.4711    E-mail:
Fax:      604.664.8325    
NEW THIS YEAR -  a three week for four special promotion. Order three weeks of
Comshare and get a fourth week for FREE!  
Please note that due to a formatting glitch,
some information contained in the brochure regarding
this promotion  is slightly inaccurate.
Also note that there are some restrictions and limitations on this promotion.  It's best to direct
any questions to the Comshare team for clarification, and to avoid disappointment.